With all that has happened during these difficult times, “Home” is more important now than ever before. Seeking mental and physical comfort is crucial for a sense of well being. Every day seems to challenge us with new conflicts, fears and an each predictable day proves unpredictable. Our unknown future makes us feel uneasy and anxious. There is a genuine need for a “safe haven,” your home.

As many Americans are leaving the states, in large numbers, there has been a boom in construction of all types of homes, condos and villas here on Roatan. Freeways are being built island wide, 2 new shopping malls by the airport, franchises are opening, more gas stations being built, airport expansion, wind farms, solar panels as far as the eye can see.. It seems everyday there is a bulldozer clearing new land. Realtors are working and closing on all types of real estate, 7 days a week, with 14 hour days. Roatan is poised for an explosion.

As my friends know, I am passionate about Interior Design. I have had inquiries for my design services from as far away as Hawaii. So, Sand Castles Professional Design Services will be taking on more and more projects. With the demands of Expats, Baby Boomers the island now has many conveniences which were so lacking in the past years.

I remember 16 years ago I approached the owner of a Coxen Hole grocery store and requested a certain type of deodorant very popular with gringos. I assured him it would be a good seller in the hot tropics. So a few months later they were stocking it and I was pleased. Several times, there was no stock on the shelves, so I finally asked a manager what the problem was. “Oh Miss Penny, what happened is every time we put out the deodorant it sold right up. It was so much trouble, we just stopped ordering it. “Island Logic”. Lesson learned….See something you like? Stock pile immediately. Another day in paradise.